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Jag kan ordna plats för evenemang
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Kick-off party

En underbar kväll. Valkampanjen har officiellt startat!

Kvällen skulle inte ha varit möjlig att genomföra utan all hjälp - tack!

De första gästerna anlände före kl 18 och folktillströmningen fortsatte under kvällens lopp. Jag hann prata med alla, t.o.m om politik. Det knäpptes hundratals bilder och de som togs med min kamera finns på Flickr. Om du har fler bilder från kvällen kan du ladda upp dem där också.

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Like the night before Christmas - Official Campaign Kick-off tomorrow!

The campaign kick-off party is less than 24-hours from now, the excitement is already coursing through my veins - it’ll be hard to go to sleep. Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day. I love my job as a researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, and my current project is one of the most exciting ones I’ve been involved in. Yet, I know tomorrow’s highlight will be the party! The location is great, a21 is a cool place, and not just in my mind: it was voted The World’s Best Bar just a few days ago!

Though the campaign kick-off is only tomorrow, a handful of individuals have already put a lot of work into this campaign. I am ever grateful of the concrete assistance they’ve provided, and even more thankful of the ideas they’ve provided and listening they’ve done - Thank You!

There’s also been an uptick in people interested in the campaign as a whole. I look forward to meeting some of them at the party tomorrow, as well as hopefully recruit some more people who want to have their finger on the pulse of politics.  Good night!

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I’m a Finn who has lived in other countries for long enough to know how unique our society is. My vision for Finland, Europe and the world is guided by a strong belief in the need for peace, fairness, prosperity, safety and respect. At the same time I know that not everyone is well in Finland, that there is much to do so that everyone can live a good life. This drives me – to work for a better tomorrow.

Our tomorrow is made today! Join me and others to ensure that a young, professional and international voice from Finland is heard in the European Parliament!

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